How We Deliver Safety Through Auto Surface Care

xscenddetailing/ March 13, 2018/ Auto Detailing, Ceramic Coating, Headlight Restoration, Surface Protection

There’s no doubt that driving is a visual task. Safe driving itself begins with clear visibility and preventive maintenance. We all have our own standard for what makes a “safe car” and we rely on our ability to visually process what surrounds us on the road. While auto detailing and surface protection are most known for the aesthetics, they provide

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Paint Protection Film: Vet Your Options

xscenddetailing/ March 13, 2018/ Ceramic Coating, Paint Protection, Surface Protection

If you’re looking to get the ultimate car protection against paint chips from stones, debris, stains, and scratches, check out the robust benefits of Paint Protection Film (PPF), a.k.a. ‘Clear Bra’. There’s a variety of brands from Opti-Coat, XPEL, 3M and more, where it all comes down to which one gives you the desired protection, durability, and looks for your

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Drive With Superior Windshield Visibility & Say Goodbye to Cloudy Headlights

xscenddetailing/ March 12, 2018/ Ceramic Coating, Paint Protection, Paint Restoration

In rainy season, we do all sorts of things just to drive ‘safely’. We anticipate gusts, watch out for big rigs, turn on the headlights, defog windows, maintain wiper blades, avoid flood zone areas, and more. — All of these things correlate to our driving visibility, reaction time, and what we do to preemptively respond to unsafe driving conditions. In

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Ceramic Coating 101 & The Benefits of Super Hydrophobicity

xscenddetailing/ March 12, 2018/ Ceramic Coating, Paint Protection, Surface Protection

Did you know that you can coat your car to have superior water-repellent and self-cleaning properties, similar to that of the surface of a bird feather or lotus leaf?   We have ceramic coating technology available to apply that same concept to our cars. To break it down, a hydrophobic surface repels water while a hydrophilic surface attracts water. Hydrophobicity

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3 Tips to Get the Most Out of Car Paint and Surface Protection

xscenddetailing/ March 12, 2018/ Auto Detailing, Ceramic Coating, Paint Protection, Paint Restoration, Surface Protection

Some people may see a wax, sealant, or coating job as an extra perk for their car to get that extra “shine”. But getting one of these jobs done on your car is actually maintenance work as car paint and surface protection can entail one or more of the following… Minimize the deterioration of your car’s paint and surfaces from oxidation,

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Essentials of Car Paint Care and Why It Matters

xscenddetailing/ March 11, 2018/ Ceramic Coating, Paint Protection, Paint Restoration/ 0 comments

Familiar with these car paint damages? Hard water spots, orange peel paint, scratches, swirl marks, hard water spots, orange peel, scratches, and swirl marks… While these car paint damages may be unavoidable, the way we apply preventive surface care practices is what makes the difference in maintaining our car’s paint, shine, and resale value. To maximize paint protection, it’s key

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